Notebook GuidelinesΒΆ

For optimum presentation in the gallery, notebooks should follow a few simple rules:

  1. The first cell must be a Markdown cell containing a title
  2. The first cell should include a short summary, which will be shown as a tooltip

By default, the chosen thumbnail is the last matplotlib figure in the notebook. This can be changed by setting the thumbnail_figure key in the notebook metadata to the integer index of the desired figure. This can be done manually, in a text editor, or through the Edit -> Edit Notebook Metadata menu in jupyter.

If including external images (i.e. not plots generated in the code) in notebooks, place them in the images/ directory next to the notebook. Use the syntax ![image caption](images/image.png) to include the image in the notebook, and add images/image.png (replaced by the correct path) into the other_supplementary_files list in the notebook metadata.