Annually Averaged Scalar Timeseries

This notebook shows how we extract information from ocean_scalar to plot timeseries. The data are resampled onto annual averages.

Requirements: The conda/analysis3-20.01 (or later) module on the VDI (or your own up-to-date cookbook installation).

Firstly, load in the required libraries:

import cosima_cookbook as cc
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from dask.distributed import Client

It’s often a good idea to start a cluster with multiple cores for you to work with. It’s not strictly necessary in this case.

client = Client(n_workers=4)



  • Workers: 4
  • Cores: 48
  • Memory: 202.49 GB

Connect to the default database:

session = cc.database.create_session()

Next, we show to plot a single variable from a single experiment. The variable is loaded using querying.getvar().

expt =  '025deg_jra55v13_ryf8485_gmredi6'
variable = 'ke_tot'
darray = cc.querying.getvar(expt, variable, session)

Note that this timeseries is monthly so we need to use groupby and a time mean to resample the data onto annual frequency.

annual_average = darray.groupby('time.year').mean(dim='time')

Then, the data can be plotted as you see fit:

Text(0.5, 1.0, '025deg_jra55v13_ryf8485_gmredi6')

Download python script:

Download Jupyter notebook: Annually_Averaged_Scalar_Timeseries.ipynb